A Devotional on Self-Deceit and Self Reliance

I studied out self-deceit and self-reliance and I was so convicted. Our hearts are deep and we need people to help draw out so much.

My hope is that this devotional can help you all out as well. Here it is:

1 Samuel 15

The Lord gives Saul direct instructions. Saul only listens and obeys half of what God says.

– What were the instructions that God gave Saul?

– How did Saul not obey God?


Saul decided to rely on his own commands. (vs 8-9)


Saul thought he knew what was best.

He probably thought to spare the best sheep and cattle was justified.

Saul did not seek any advice from anyone about his plan.

He went by his own process.

His process also included a ton of other people.



How can I do this in my own walk with God?

Am I following the entirety of the scriptures that God has made?  Why or why not?

Do I include others in my process and decision making?

How do I justify my actions?

vs 10 The Lord regretted making Saul king.

-Not only did Saul disappoint God, but his deceit and self-reliance caused Samuel to cry out to God ALL NIGHT.

-Our sin of deceit/reliance of self HURTS GOD and causes regret to him. That’s serious.

-Sauls deceit HURT Samuel. (our self-reliance has a ripple effect)

-It hurts our friendships, our spouses, our significant others.

-The Lords and Samuels trust in God is dissolved due to his sin.


Do I consider how my reliance on self will affect my relationships? Why or why not?

Have I seen the “ripple effect” of my self-deceit/reliance in the past or present?

vs 12 Saul’s self-deceived heart boosts his pride.

– Saul was so self-deceived that he started to believe in his own lies vs. 13-14

vs 15 more deceit on top of deceit. Once you start, it keeps on going.



This is why we need others involved in our lives because Saul was so caught up in his own self – he didn’t know what was true anymore. Such a scary place to be.

-Do I have others that can call out my self-reliance and deceit? If not, the time is now.


Proverbs 20. 5 The INTENTIONS of a man’s heart is deep waters, but a man of understanding draws them out.”

How true is this? How wild is it that even our intentions are deep before even doing our actions.  We need wise people helping us through our intentions.

vs 17-19 Samuel calls out Saul “Why did you not obey God…”

vs 20 “But I did obey the Lord.” Saul is still so wrapped up in his self-deceit he can’t even see his direct sin.


vs.24 Saul regrets his actions because of the consequences of it (God rejects him as king) Not because of how he hurt God. (worldly sorrow)

vs 26 Samuel leaves Saul



– It tears you away from God.

– It tears you away from righteous people

– It produces ugly fruit

– It hurts God

– It makes you question everything

– It causes mistrust and breaks the unity

– It breaks confidence

– It keeps you ineffective


Saul obeyed what suited him.


I have to fight to be transparent and be real about what is on my heart and allow others to help cultivate a spirit of unity. The fight is real.


Build conviction through scripture

Jeremiah 17.9

1 John 1.5-10


Find scriptures on what transparency and reliance on God brings.